The rarest motorcycles

People who have a thing for motorcycles might already know some of the rare motorcycles that still exist today. There are special ones that have been made in the past decades, but also ones that have far more history! When you’re someone who is interested in these types of things you obviously know a lot about them. Here you will read a bit about what motorcycle is rare and why it is as rare as it is.

The Winchester 6 HP

One of the rarest motorcycles that still exist to this day is the Winchester 6 HP. In the entire world, there are just two left that are fully operational. The motorcycle was made in 1910 and is easily one of the oldest motorcycles out there. For that reason it is one that is very rare to find or have, but when you do, it’s very special. The motorcycle looks more like a regular bicycle than it looks like a motorcycle. The motorcycle has small handles and thinner tiers than we are used to now.

The Honda CX500 Turbo

Another one is the Honda CX500 Turbo. I personally love the design of this one. There are less than 50 of these motorcycles registered in the UK and America combined. It’s not nearly as rare as the Winchester 6 HP but still a very rare model to come across. Honda is still a brand that sells a lot of motorcycles each year. It’s actually the most well sold brand until a certain CC category, after that it becomes Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Captain America panhead

This motorcycle is by far the best one I’ve ever seen. If you’re a Captain America fan like myself, you’ll most likely love it just as much. This one has once sold for over a million dollars at an auction. It’s a motorcycle that is very well known in Hollywood because it’s been in a movie. For this movie, the motorcycle was heavily modified, so some people might argue against it still being a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The Traub

And then last, but definitely not least, the Traub. Especially the 1919 Traub is very rare, but either way the brand itself is very rare to come across as well. There is only one that exists to this day and it’s being held in a museum. It has been moved around by the help of motorcycle imports, but it’s now in a museum and that’s why you should read it.