How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance for Visiting Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place to visit. It is such a cocktail of cultures – be it East Asian, European, African, American and of course the Middle East, Dubai is the place where you can see all kinds of people. But along with experiencing amazing infrastructure and lifestyle, comes a high cost of living, which is especially true for healthcare costs in Dubai. Healthcare services are affordable for the citizens of Dubai but for tourists it can really make a dent in their travel plans. Hence, opting for travel insurance while visiting Dubai is really recommended.

Why to choose travel insurance for Dubai?

First of all, obtaining travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for applying for a visa for Dubai. So, if you are not eligible for a visa-free entry to Dubai, you need to apply for a visa after you have got Dubai travel insurance. Apart from that, the laws may allow seizure of your passport if there are unpaid bills from Dubai’s hospitals. Travel Insurance helps a person to address any kind of medical emergency situations. Also, a travel insurance policy covers the damage due to fire or burglary to your home, when you are on your trip to Dubai. This is another big advantage of availing travel insurance. You can opt for a travel insurance policy for Dubai with reliable insurance providers such as Bharti AXA.

How to choose a travel insurance policy?

There are so many important factors that you need to consider before you select a travel insurance policy. Factors include the aspects that are covered in the policy, premiums that you are liable to pay, mode of compensation/ claims, etc. Here is the list of things you should keep an eye out for…

  1. Emergency Medical Expenses
  2. Dental Treatment Expenses
  3. Other Medical and Travel Benefits
  4. Amount of Daily Allowance during hospitalization
  5. Admissible family members and age group
  6. Loss of Passport and Important Documents
  7. Total Loss of Checked-in Luggage
  8. Home Fire & Home Burglary Coverage
  9. Expenses of Evacuation and Repatriation
  10. Procedure of filing claims/ compensation

What is not covered in a health insurance policy?

Along with what is covered in a travel insurance policy, you should also consider things that are not covered, while selecting a travel insurance. It makes a big difference while you are out there on a foreign soil and you are looking for support. Here is the list of things which are usually not covered in a health insurance policy.

  1. Illnesses or injuries that are self-inflicted by the traveller
  2. Non-allopathic treatment such as Yoga, Naturopathy and Homeopathy treatment
  3. Unproven or experimental treatment
  4. Participation in adventure sports or stunts
  5. Cosmetic Surgeries
  6. Participation in military activities and warfare
  7. Treatments that can be delayed until your return back

Travelling to Dubai is going to be a trip to remember for you, if you have a proper travel insurance policy backing your adventures. You can enjoy leisure activities and tourism in Dubai, without worrying about the healthcare expenses. But make sure you avail a travel insurance policy from reputed and reliable insurance providers such as Bharti AXA.