Getting ready to Get a Rental Car to use in Another Part of the World

With summer just around the corner, you might be getting ready to get a rental car to use in another part of the world or country. Although they can be convenient, there are some costs associated with rental cars that can be confusing. So before you get your next airport car rental Orange County booked, consider the following tips so that you don’t end up making costly mistakes.

1. Purchasing extra insurance that isn’t necessary. If you have auto insurance already, it might cover personal liability and collision damage for temporary car rentals. Also, if you pay for your rental car with a credit card, it might provide you with secondary collision coverage. If so, you can decline the insurance coverage from the rental car company. However, if you don’t have auto insurance then you should consider the insurance from the rental company.

2. Not shopping around. The rates on rental cars can vary depending on your lead time and the rental companies, so you should shop around. There are websites online that you can use to help you compare the rates of various car rental companies and some also provide coupons that can help you save money.

3. Prepaying for gas. It might seem convenient to pay for gas ahead of time so you have a full tank of gas, but that means you will have to return the car with a full tank also. It is best to fill up on your won since usually, you can find less expensive gas prices at a station nearby.

4. Pay extra for a car seat or GPS. Some car companies charge expensive rates for certain accessories and extras. You can take a portable GPS or use your phone for directions. Many airplanes will also allow you to take your child’s car seat on the plan free of charge.

5. Rushing through your car inspection process. Before driving away, make sure to inspect the rental car thoroughly. Otherwise, you may get charged for damage that you didn’t do. Always point any damage out to the car rental company before accepting the car.

6. Returning your rental car late. Daily rates are charged by a majority of car rental companies based on a 24-hour period. So you could end up paying for an entire extra day if you end up returning your car late.