What is a Laser Engraving Machine and a Laser Marking Machine

Laser Engraving or Laser Marking has been on the market for quite a long time. Unfortunately, there are still a small number of entrepreneurs who know these two machines in detail.

What is a Laser Engraving Machine?

Laser Engraving is used to scrape the surface of the material so that the writing/picture/ photo appears on the surface of the material. The working principle of a laser engraving machine is similar to engraving. Laser heat rays are used to scrape or remove material parts. Laser Engraving cannot produce color. Only can be used to carve. Laser Engraving only causes burn marks. Like, the color burns due to heat. The greater the strength, the more laser burn results. The material usually used with this laser is wood, leather, and MDF.

Then, what is a Laser Marking Machine?

This one laser machine is different from laser engraving. However, both use a laser. Laser Marking machines are commonly used to mark metals and non-metallic surfaces. This laser can also be used to create company logos in the form of letters, numerical patterns / graphic forms. Laser Marking has often been used throughout the world. especially in the industries of cutting, marking, laser marking tool, stamping, embossing and, engraving. By using this laser, you will find it easier to mark which parts are your target. You can also use this laser using a computer. The trick, by installing special software. Even though it has functional limitations, this type of laser is enough to help entrepreneurs to display their logos on each of their products. Armed with special software, you can use this laser very easily. Simple and very functional. Some objects that can be marked using this laser include marking stamps, blocks, etc. For more information about engraving you can see this video

Sometimes, technology can really help your work. However, if technology even plunges you, then you should be aware of it. These two machines are already well known. Unfortunately, there are still few people who really can make the most of it. Most people buy this tool not because of necessity. But just just joining in. Therefore, as much as possible you avoid buying manufactured goods without consideration of needs.