What Does A Car Insurance Cover?

Both old and new insurance companies now have an online presence with sites like ReviwesBird.com, where you can check out their insurance policies. You should endeavour to read customers’ feedbacks before choosing an insurance policy. Car accidents happen without warning, which is why it is always advisable to subscribe to car insurance policies to cover both your car and that of a third party.

Car insurance has many aspects you must be conversant with before choosing a preferred insurance company to cover your car. You must know what you want for your vehicle in terms of the car insurance policy and the insurance company providing the cover.

Types Of Car Insurance You Can Choose For Your Car

Your car deserves the best of protection possible. You can give your car the protection it needs by subscribing to a car insurance policy that will take care of its repair or replacement in case of an accident. Subscribing to a car insurance policy also saves you from getting into a financial fix when you hit a third party. Depending on the policy to subscribe to, you can adequately cover the repair cost, medical bills of a third party involved in an accident with your car. Some of the car insurance you can subscribe to include;

  • Collision insurance;
  • Liability insurance;
  • Comprehensive coverage;
  • Underinsured motorist protection;
  • Medical payments coverage;
  • Gap insurance; and
  • Third-party car insurance.

What A Car Insurance Cover

There are different types of car insurance you can subscribe to. The kind of policy you go for will determine what the policy will cover. You can subscribe to multiple policies to protect your car and yourself adequately. Here are some car insurance policies and what they cover:

Comprehensive Insurance

This is the highest level of cover you can give your car because it covers multiple accidents that your car may be involved in. Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicle, damage to other cars and properties, theft, fire damage, storm damage, and flood damage.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance like the name implies covers your car when it hits another car or property. Collision insurance covers a collision with another vehicle, a collision with an object such as a tree or a fence, and a single-car accident your car tumbles or rolls over.

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance covers third party liabilities and saves you from any financial embarrassment. Third-party insurance covers third party injury to a passenger in another car, damage by your car to another person’s car.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers any damages that may have occurred to a third party or his or her property if you’re at fault. Liability insurance covers bodily injury to a third party, covering the third party’s medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. Liability insurance also covers property damage of a third party which will include vehicle and building.

The importance of car insurance cannot be overstated. You should consider getting an adequate car insurance policy for your car.