Top 5 Auto Brands leading in Technology

Are you seeking to hire or buy a car? Get one with the latest technology from reputable and world class brands. It’s not easy getting started especially if you are a first time car owner. Together with the list provided below, you can take advantage of a pool for hundreds of car service companies and their list of different car insurances reviews to settle on the best vehicle.

Auto brands are launching new vehicles every day with more advanced technologies installed to enhance human mobility. Usually, most features aim at enhancing functionality and increasing safety of the users. In an industry with numerous players, it is advisable to find the most reputable more experienced in dealing with automotive technologies. Below are the top 5 auto brands that take the lead in providing vehicles with the latest technologies.

1.   Volvo

Volvo vehicles feature a myriad of technologies that drivers have given five stars. Some of these features include;

  • Cross traffic alert with automatic emergency brakes
  • Rear and front alert for traffic with rear automated emergency brakes.
  • Sensors and Cameras with 360-view
  • Blind Spot Information Driver Assist System

Additionally, Volvo manufactures Recharge cars that are purely electric or plug-in hybrids. In case charging is not an option for you depending on the location, you can depend on the low- oil consuming engines.

2.   BMW

BMW has been on the forefront on developing innovative automotive technologies since 1970. The company has innovated ground-breaking automotive with an aim to increase efficiency and create electro-mobility.

Some of the latest technologies include;

  • Incorporating iPhone softwares to use as car keys
  • Use of automotive blockchain solutions
  • Innovation of hybrid plug-in and pure electric cars.
  • BMW eDrive technology that utilizes the use of low-fuel engines in hybrid vehicles using electricity and gasoline.
  • Automatic car-parking technologies
  • Hydrogen fuels cars.

3.   Cadillac

Cadillac provides you with fantastic auto technologies, owing to their experience of more than 110 years in the industry. Like BMW and Volvo, the brand also develops technology that gives you safety in advance. Latest technology in Cadillac models include;

  • Surround Vision
  • Lane change
  • Alert for blind zone
  • Warning system for rear-cross tracking with automatic brakes.
  • Hands-free Super Cruise technology

Car owners and buyers ought to know that the automatic braking system for rear-cross does not work until you activate it. Also the Super cruise technology doesn’t apply on all landscapes. The hands-free mode works only on highways and you need to activate it as well.

4.   Mercedes-Benz

It’s been 133 years since the brand got patented. The brand is a leader in producing innovative automobiles that enhance customer’s safety and luxury. Their technologies include automated and driver assisted vehicles, smartphone capabilities and touchscreen display. Latest tech in 2020 Mercedes-Benz include;

  • Cross-traffic and blind spot function
  • Stop- and –go Active driver assist
  • Exit Warning parking function

These features help the driver to maintain a safe distance, avoid collision and stay alert while other road users are approaching.

5.   Genesis

Genesis provides you with sleek design cars that keep you safe and are easier and comfortable to use. Some of the technologies you get to enjoy in Genesis vehicles include;

  • Digital key
  • Built-in-HD rear and front cameras you can access through your smartphone
  • Remote parking assist
  • Touch screen panel temperature control.