The Car is Finished at Last

It has taken well over three and a half years to get it ready, but we finally put all of the puzzle pieces together and got the car looking as good as when it new. My uncle found this thing in a shed almost fifteen years ago and when he got too old to work on it, he signed it over to me. I hauled it down to the inspection place on a trailer, since it has not been properly licensed for around forty years, I have to get a replacement number plate maker to do what I would like, getting a legal 1953 license plate. I talked to someone at the DMV by email and it seems like this can be done, although you would need to pay the right fees and put the sticker in the corner of the plate. My hope was to get it ready for the car show circuit and I think that it is in good enough shape to take a few ribbons. When I started out the body was in almost perfect condition. My uncle was in fact a self taught body man and he had torn this car down and then meticulously worked to get it ready. A 1953 Hudson Hornet convertible is a really rare thing and it was something he really wanted to get running. I had to really work hard to do that, and I put a good bit of money in it. Finding a water pump was really difficult, it was a stroke of luck when I found a guy at a junk yard who had a nearly complete engine. At first that did not seem so lucky, since it took months for him to come down to a reasonable price for the engine. It was in better shape than the one I had, so it is in the car now.