Should You Buy a Green Car?

Let’s face it, the price of petrol is not getting any cheaper, and an increasing number of consumers are looking for alternatives to the guzzlers they currently drive. The local populace is unlikely to limit the number of trips about town or on holiday, so the answer seems to be finding a car with better miles to the gallon. With this in mind, Ford Motor Company has recently launched a line of “green” vehicles with the “ECOnetic” brand. Should you rush out and purchase one of these cars new here in Australia?


Quite understandably, the main reason so many buyers are interested in the eco-friendly cars is to cut down on the emissions that damage the earth. Furthermore, they are concerned about the world’s reliance on petrol. Therefore, these cars meet these concerns, saving consumers on costs associated with using their automobile. For those people who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint, one of the green cars could be the answer.


Because they’re somewhat more expensive than the petrol-powered car, only time will bring down the cost. Naturally, it’s worth the price but, for many typical buyers, the cost could inhibit their purchase. Another point many individuals bring up about these cars is the lack of horsepower—get up and go. This is still a work in progress for designers. Oh, sure, they’re fine for zipping around the city, but if you want to take them camping, out into the country, you’re likely to find they don’t have the power of their petrol-fueled counterparts.

To be honest, these types of cars haven’t caught the interest of the average person, and that’s a real shame. It’s almost a done deal that, one day, these cars will be in the majority instead of the minority but, until then, buyers should invest in these cars to encourage manufacturers to continue with their production. They’ll improve significantly over time, bringing the world to a better place. So, should you buy one? Absolutely, the answer is yes. But, know that they take some getting used to and may prove to be an excellent second car for now.