Rent a Car near The Port of Miami And Open Your Exploring Wings

Rent a Car near The Port of Miami And Open Your Exploring Wings

Are you planning to spend your vacation in the Miami? If yes, there are some exciting places to visit which will make your entire trip a memorable one. This exotic place has numerous destinations in store for you which you need to explore diligently. To keep your vacation days rolling seamlessly without worrying about how to commute from one place to the other, car rental near port of Miami can be taken into consideration. However, read on this article to know the places which you need to keep in mind for exploration while in this city.

  • The iconic Miami Beach

Well, it’s irrelevant to mention the focal attraction of the place is the iconic Miami Beach where people all over the world come. Spend some of your days in the glorious beach and bask in the sun for long hours. However, did you know the beach is just outside the Miami municipality because it is located in an island? Not only is this place famous for its beaches, but also for different buildings that make it an Art Deco District.

  • Bayside marketplace

The bayside marketplace has become a favourite tourist destination as it hosts over 150 shops, cafes and restaurants where you get amazing delicacies. It also has different boutiques in the outdoor side mall. This place will get you the best deals while you are in this city. Moreover, you can also hop around the area filled with friendly people, good atmosphere, live-music thereby creating an amazing vibe.

  • Vizcaya museum and the garden

The Vizcaya museum is another attraction which you should not miss when you are in Miami. It is a repository of exquisite European furniture from the 15th to the 19th century. The excellent architecture as well as the garden adjoining it makes it worth a visit. This museum which covers an area of 28-acre was originally created with 1100 craftsmen who were brought from all over the Europe.

  • Miami Science museum

The Miami science museum contains many interactive exhibits which gives you an amazing experience as they tend to be on the line of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This particular museum was established way back in 1950 and has developed constantly over time with the modern instrumentations and technological advancement. So, give this place a visit if you are interested in science and modern technology.

  • Bayfront park

The Bayfront Park needs to be visited at least once if you do not want to miss the opportunity to experience the electronically controlled Pepper Fountain, high amphitheatre for various performances, important monuments, the World War 2 memorial, etc. This particular place was there for many years and then got a refurbishment in the 1980s.

No, as you have come to know about different places to visit, the next step will be your car rental near port of Miami so that you can travel directly from the airport. As his place is filled with amazing stuffs and food is one of them, take your time out to explore the delicious cuisine.