Dona Ana County

It can seat is actually Estas Cruces, additionally the biggest town within the region as well as second-largest within New South america. Smaller sized towns within the region include Holganza, Doña Bêtisier, Ceiling door, as well as Body organ. The actual county features a complete section of three, 815 sq . kilometers. The actual county includes a amount of notable geographical functions, especially the actual Mesilla Area (the avalanche plain from the Rio de janeiro Grandissimo river) heading north in order to south with the middle and also the Body organ Mountains across the county’s far eastern side. Some other mountain varies within the region would be the Robledo Hills, Doña Bêtisier Hills, Macizo de estas Uvas, the actual southern finish from the San Andres Hills, Eastern Potrillo Hills, as well as To the west Potrillo Hills, along with 2 small , and separated hills, Tortugas Hill within the eastern as well as Picacho Top within the to the west side associated with Estas Cruces. The actual county also contains among Brand new Mexico’s 4 big lava areas, the actual Aden Malpais, and another from the tour’s biggest maare volcanoes, Kilbourne Pit. An enormous real estate of vapor was created that blew away a big crater. It had been not essential for your lava as well as magma to develop the mountainous down payment. The actual crater is actually considered to be eighty, 000 years of age.