Bike Rental & Other Transportation Options When Going Abroad

We all know that it’s great to have our own car or motorbike at home. Let’s face it – no one wants to rely on public transportation! When you are abroad though, the situation is a little different. When you are only there for a certain period of time, it doesn’t always make sense to buy a vehicle. Instead, the most practical thing to do would be to rent a car or hire a bike.

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The beauty of being abroad, especially if you’re on holiday, is that your schedule is your own. You can change plans and switch transportation options depending on what you need that day. Here are a few of the options for short-term transportation.

Buying a Car or Motorbike & Selling It Later

If you don’t mind laying down some serious coin, then one option is to buy a new or second-hand car or motorbike and then sell it at the end of your trip. This is usually preferred by people who are going on a motorbike ride though the cities, towns, and mountainous terrain across several countries over a few weeks.

The purchase option is desirable because it’s not possible to take a rented motorbike out of the country. Proper documentation and proof of ownership is required. Also, you cannot easily fly if you’ve bought your own transportation, so this only suits people who wish to own while staying in one place or when going on an extended multi-country trip.

Car Rentals

Car rentals tend to be expensive. It’s usually best if there’s a group of you who mostly travel together and are willing to split the costs.

It’s a big responsibility to rent a car because it’s far more valuable than a motorcycle and costlier to get repaired for any damage to the bodywork. By contrast, a scooter as a standard rental is only worth around £2,300/$3,000 depending on the model, which is a fraction of the price of a car.

Short-term Motorcycle Rental

The most popular option is for a motorbike rent Chiang Mai, Thailand area and beyond. These are available with the make and model of your choosing for one day or longer. A passport or a substantial cash deposit is required as security when renting.

When riding them safely and maintaining a sensible speed, they are fairly safe to use. If you are inexperienced on a motorbike, take it slower. You’d be well advised to buy travel insurance before you go and ensure it includes riding a motorbike in the coverage, as road accidents do occur. Taking lessons and passing a driving test doesn’t necessarily follow as formal a process as it does back home; not all drivers and riders are good on four or two wheels. Therefore, caution on the roads is required.

It’s far more convenient to have your own transport when you’re abroad. You control your schedule and avoid hassle from taxis too. Just pick the option that works best for your plans when abroad.