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Joining a Golf Club Most people have contemplated getting into a golf country club at least once in their life. On the other hand, beginners at golf are still preoccupied with public course that golf clubs don’t occur in their minds yet. However, joining a golf club is something you should seriously think about when you are already playing golf more frequently and on a regular basis. Before you head to the local golf country club there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of being a member that you need to be aware of. What you want to get from golf or your personal expectations should perhaps be a big consideration. Joining a golf country club comes with a huge price tag so you must be sure about it to make it worthwhile. That is why when looking for a Scottsdale golf club you should exercise caution. For this purpose, it is good to read golf course reviews. One should note that the fees get higher the more exclusive the golf club is. In generally, there are two main fees that you need to pay. You will first pay an “Initiation Fee,” or the fee you pay to be a member and then there will be you dues which are paid either yearly or monthly. On the other hand, there are clubs that do not ask for initiation fees. Alternately, you will be required to find a sponsor who is another member of the club. Also, in these clubs, expect your other fees to be higher. Thus, before joining any of the clubs in the area, you should take some time to compare the services that each club has to offer, as well as their facilities and perk and not just the price of their membership and other fees. For instance, besides their golf courses some clubs offer other facilities for other types of sports. Needless to say, a club membership is suitable for those who are truly avid golfers.
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The difference between a public golf course and an exclusive golf course is that the latter is less crowded. So with fewer people at the golf course at a certain time, you have the luxury of enjoying golf. Moreover, the exclusive golf club has stricter maintenance of their grounds.
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The obvious disadvantage is the expensive cost to become a member. Also remember the dues you have to pay after signing up. this is the reason why it is not a joke to become a member of an exclusive country club. To make the membership truly worth your money, you should have true love and dedication for this activity. This means that not everybody should pay for membership even if you can afford it. For more info on this Scottsdale golf club, go here.